Uploading theme files via FTP

If automatic theme installation doesn’t work for you, you can install theme via FTP.

For this method you will need:
  • FTP Credentials - these are login details provided by your hosting company
    • Server address
    • FTP username
    • FTP password
  • FTP Client - application to transfer files from your computer to the server were you host the website
To install our theme you need to complete three simple steps:
  1. Unarchive a .zip file with theme you downloaded from ThemeForest
  2. Upload theme files to web server using FTP client
  3. Activate theme in the WordPress admin panel

So let’s get started.

1. Unarchive installable .zip file

In a theme package you downloaded from ThemeForest you can find a 'Theme' folder that contains installable .zip archive. Please unzip it to be ready for uploading to the server.

In our guide we will use Cyberduck as an FTP client, but the process is the same for other applications.

2. Upload theme files to the web server using your FTP client

Create a new FTP connection if not already have it done.

On the server find and select  /wp-content/themes/ folder.
In most cases the path from the root folder will looks like this: /public_html/wp-content/themes/
Click ‘Upload’ button.

In a popup window locate and select a folder with an unarchived theme. Wait until all the files will be loaded to the server.
NOTE: Please make sure that you uploading to the server only theme installable folder that has theme name and not the whole theme package archive you received by themefrorest.

3. Activate theme in the WordPress admin panel

In your WordPress admin panel go to:
Appearance → Themes
There you will see our theme among other available themes. Hover theme name and click “ Activate" button.

Next step: Now please perform after install configuration.

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