Theme update to version 1.8.1

As SEOWP developers we do our best to make the theme updates quick and straightforward. Unfortunately, it's not always possible due to big changes happening in code of the premium plugins included with our theme. This time Easy Social Share Buttons plugin author decided to start from scratch and did change the plugin code dramatically, so it's not compatible anymore with previous versions. At Lumberman Designs we have to adapt to these changes and provide you with the best possible solution to keep your website updated and secure.

Please, make yourself a cup of cappuccino and follow the next instructions. Nothing complex or dramatic, it should take you 5-10 mins. to complete.

Steps to follow

SEOWP theme update ver.1.8.1 require you to make some extra steps to update the premium plugins properly. 

Don't forget to create a backup first!

First of all, please create a website backup (there are many  free plugins available on for this matter). Coffee can spill and software tend to break at the very bad moment. Saucer is great backup plan for hot drinks BTW :)

It's time to activate automatic theme updates...

Did you know you can update our theme automatically via WP Admin the same way you update free plugins? Take a look on  this article on how to activate automatic updates. If activated, you will not have to upload theme update files manually we will send the new theme files directly to your server. It's like Superautomatic Espresso Machine. Nice. 

DEACTIVATE the next plugins (you will not lose settings or data):
  • Easy Social Share Buttons
  • Mega Main Menu
  • Master Slider

After you disabled 3 premiums plugins as described in step 1, please click on  Begin updating plugins button as shown on the screenshot below:

After three premium plugins successfully updated, our theme will ask to install new Easy Social Share Buttons plugin. Just click Install button.

Easy Social Share Buttons plugin has been rewritten from scratch by the developer ( why? :), so it's a completely new plugin now ( well almost ;). Unfortunately, you will need to copy over previous ESSB settings into this new plugin. It's easy process, just follow the next steps:


Now you have two plugins Easy Social Share Buttons plugins installed on your website. Do you need both? Not likely. Please, delete the previous version of the plugin 2.X.X as you will not use it anymore.

We recommend you to check: Social FansCounter Widget (if you used it) as new plugin version has a new widget. Also I recommend you to read a bad news on twitter share counters on the ESSB developer's website: I won't be a person who tell you bad news today.

Before asking questions on new ESSB plugin, please make sure to check  their online documentation. We read it the same way as you to deal with plugin support, so don't waste your time. 

Yay, you did it! You completed the most stupid and complex theme update ever. Sorry to make you struggle. You deserve  a second cup of coffee!

We are working on new amazing designs and features for SEOWP

We will get you surprised with what we prepared for SEOWP users!   
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BTW why not to tell us about features or designs you want to see released? No promises, but we do listen our lovely clients.

Possible error messages

If you follow the steps described above you should have no issues, but we will not get angry if you  ask our support heroes for help.

If you get error message "Update package is not available" while updating the plugins, then it means you didn't disable premium plugins as described in the first step of this instruction.

Special note for the HostGator hosting clients

HostGator hosting company by default block all the outgoing connections on the clients websites. Because of this restriction our theme can’t download all the images from the demo website. Before installing our theme, please contact HostGator support directly with request to whitelist the Mod_Sec rule 1234234. After that the theme installer and demo content importer will be fully functional on your website.

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