Ninja Forms - Layout Master

This extension allows to change layout and styles of your  Ninja Forms within your WordPress admin. Start creating beautiful and responsive layouts without any programming knowledge today!


  • Create 100% responsive forms using build in visual layout and styles editor.
  • Use drag-n-drop to create up to 4 column form layouts.
  • Easily style form elements including input boxes, labels, and wrappers.
  • Style Ninja Forms success and error messages.
  • Remove Fields marked with a * are required message.
  • Export and import your forms across the blogs with styles intact.
  • Set custom CSS class to use default theme styling or use;
  • Custom CSS editor to create your own custom form styles.
  • Get free automatic updates.

Front-End Rendering

Front-end rendering under Layout tab (see illustration below) allows to modify how the form is composed and rendered on the front-end.

There are two two options:
  • Rows (Default)

    This renders form field elements row by row (default). This method allows expanding form fields (Ex. Making a message field 3 colums wide).
  • Columns

    This will render form fields column by column. This method does not allow expading form fields, meaning each form field will be exactly one column wide.

Layout Master How-To

Here is quick guide how you can style your form as seen bellow.

1. Create Ninja Form

First step is to create a form. To do so, go to  Forms > Add New.

2. Add Form Fields

  • On the left you should see different types of field groups, scroll down to User Information and click on First NameLast NamePhoneEmail. These fields will be added to your form.
  • Scroll up to section Template fields and add Textarea and Submit fields.
  • On the right you should see list of fields added to form, find Textarea and change Label to Message as shown bellow:

  • Click on Save Field Settings on the top (bottom) of the page.
Note: You will be promted to enter form title. Just enter "Contact Form" (wihtout quotes) and click save.

3. Form Layout

Open  Layout tab.

  • From Columns dropdown pick 2. This will create 2 column layout.
  • Arrange the layout by draging and droping fields as seen bellow. Note: to make Message field larger move your mouse pointer to bottom right corner, a small arrow will appear, drag it to resize the field.

  • Optional. You can click Form Preview to see how the form looks right now and if any additional adjustments are required.

4. Form Styles

Open  Styles tab.

  • Under General Settings metabox, make sure Enable Form Styles checkbox is checked (as seen in the illustration below).

  • Expand Form metabox

  1. Pick #e8e8e8 for Background Color, or any other color of your choice.
  2. Pick #24890d for Border Color, or any other color of your choice.
  3. Set Border Size to 5.
  4. Set Border Radius to 5 and;
  5. Set Form Field Padding to 10.
  • Expand Form Submit Button metabox
  1. Pick #24890d for Background Color, or any other color of your choice.
  2. Pick #ffffff for Text Color, or any other color of your choice.
  • Click Save button.

5. Form Preview

Click on  Preview tab/button to see your form! If you not sure how to add form to your post or page, please, refer to Ninja Forms Documentation for further details.

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